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intro 2 yoga
Discover yoga in a safe and supportive setting. An ideal class for beginners and students with minor injuries or physical limitations.


intro 2 basics

Explore the elements of a basics class in the intro 2 yoga setting. 


An ongoing exploration into the art and science of yoga. Provides a highly attentive and supportive environment. Appropriate for beginners and ongoing students.
Knowledge and experience gained in basics or yogahour is explored in a wider variety of postures.

the practice
Teacher and students practice together in our most playful and advanced class.


An hour of play and power—a fun, rockin’ flow class with music. Beginners welcome.


yogahour give!
50% of the proceeds from this yogahour class go to support the Bhatti Mines school in New Delhi, India. All levels welcome. 

A led practice without instructions.
Pre-requisite: 6 months regular yogahour practice.

A more doable version of yogahour. 



Meditation for all. Explore different topics around mindfulness and its relevance to our lives.

love yo body
A nurturing hour of yoga that invites you into a deeper relationship with your one and only beautiful body. >more info. Beginners welcome. $7



A yogahour class designed to be safe and supportive for both prenatal and postnatal women. Pre-crawling babies welcome, too! $7